Parametrized Filter

Parametrized Filter #

In this example, we will use the predefined sources and targets from the Get started process.

  1. After you create the Process and add Steps, click the Edit process parameters button in the Actions dropdown.

  1. Click the + Add process parameter button to add a new Parameter.

  1. Create a new Parameter as follows:
    • Name - country_filter
    • Evaluation type - Simple
    • Value type - string
    • Value - Europe

  1. Go back to the Process detail view and create a new Workflow.

  1. Add a new Excel Source Node that uses the Excel File from the Get started section.

  1. Add a new Filter Transformation Node and configure it to parametrize the filter on the continentExp column using the country_filter Parameter.

  1. Add a new Excel Target Node and configure it to save data in a xlsx file in the sheet named using the country_filter Parameter.

  1. Save and run the finished Process.

  1. After the Process finishes, edit the country_filter value from Europe to Asia.

  1. Run the Process again. After it finishes, access the Resources section and open the file the process created.