Calculated Field

Calculated Field #

While working with a Workflow, you may want to add a new column that is the result of a calculation from other columns. Below we present avaliable options for you to do so.

Script #

You can add a Calculated Field using a Script Component (most often a Script Transformation).

Because only database sources return data tables with correct data types, make sure the columns used for calculation are either Integers or Floats before creating a Calculated Field this way.

Example Table

Product Sell Price (USD) Production Cost (USD)
Margherita Pizza 8.99 3.56
Spaghetti Bolognese 9.99 4.76
Tomato Soup 4.99 0.89
Pancakes with Strawberry Jam 5.49 2.50

Example Script Transformation

import pandas as pd
df = INPUT_DATA[0]

if df.empty:
    df['Profit'] = 1.1
    df['Profit'] = df['Sell Price (USD)'] - df['Production Cost (USD)']


The result data table would look as follows:

Product Sell Price (USD) Production Cost (USD) Profit
Margherita Pizza 8.99 3.56 5.43
Spaghetti Bolognese 9.99 4.76 5.23
Tomato Soup 4.99 0.89 4.1
Pancakes with Strawberry Jam 5.49 2.50 2.99